Rainbow Arts Organisation Offer the following Program in order to achieve its mandate:

  1. Training and Skills Development Program:

  2. Theme: “Our Culture Our Nation in Performing Arts” The focus of this project is on the teaching, training of various skills such as training in acting, dance, music, visual art, multi-media and poetry but also in literacy, computer skills and life skills. We promote arts & Culture and education as an answer to crime, poverty, HIV & AIDS and to help reduce the high level of unemployment and the desire to uplift the lives of the communities.

    This is achieved through trainings, theatre shows, screenings, exhibitions and awareness events during the grant period and beyond, involving youth, women, children, families, and residents of Delft community and surrounding areas and our partner’s in arts & culture and education development.

  3. Iqonga Arts Festival:

  4. The project is to produce a series of productions, so to reflect on the talent we have in our communities. These plays are pre-selected during the application process. The plays/productions come from Delft and surrounding areas like Nyanga, Mfuleni, Belhar, Khayelitsha, Gugulethu etc. These works is performed by professionals and semi-professional actors, so to maintaining our commitment to generate capacity building and employment opportunities.

    We are in a prime position to bring this important opportunity to the community and stimulate the attention of arts and culture in the communities. At the same time, Rainbow arts maintains a commitment to build partnerships with other communities and the program is crafted to ensure access for school learners and general community members, so to maintain audience development

    Objectives of the project:

    • To develop and maintain arts audience within the community
    • To address the issue of unemployment by means of creative production as part of job creation
    • To showcase and promote performing arts based on theatre productions
    • To provide employment opportunity for artists i.e. writers, Directors and performers
    • To provide a platform for artists or theatre practitioners a space to educate the community about social ills and awareness around HIV and AIDS, Drug abuse, Women and Children Abuse
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  5. Take Your Child To The World of Arts:

  6. The Project is RAO's Delft school project. The project aims to use theatre in order to help young people develop leadership skills, confidence and social awareness through creativity.

    Following on the great success of its launching project School arts Festival in 2012, Take your child to the world of arts continues to bring creative learning to learners

    The high school arts Festival gives learners a platform to express real life situation, views and concerns through the medium of theatre. The experience broadens horizons and exposes learners to the diverse array of arts and culture development

    The High Schools Arts Festival gives learners the opportunity to showcase their talent. This can be done in the form of drama, music, poetry, and dance. The festival stimulates love of theatre and performing, while creating an individual sense of self-esteem, pride and achievement. The project encourages nation- building as young people and their parents from different cultures and backgrounds come together to experience a common goal, Arts and Culture Education.

    The program will be taught by various artists in the field of dance, drama, singing and art. The children will also take part in a values based education class, which is seen as an integral part of the program in order to allow children to reflect and internalize the principals within the play.

    Particular attention will be paid on how to make the project sustainable and participatory and in this way enable it to be replicated and expanded.

    There are many benefits of using the arts as a development tool. First and foremost it provides an enjoyable manner to learn. It provides a medium for self-expression and helps the development of imagination, artistic awareness, social and mental awareness, fluency of speech, self-knowledge, self-respect, self-discipline and self-confidence. It gives participants the opportunity to learn how to co-operate with others and helps develop orderly thinking and the ability to organize. The work encourages children to mature emotionally. Young performers gain a profound conviction that they are the voices of positive change in society and through this process develop leadership capacity.

  7. Learning and Intervention Project

  8. This project is designed to assist primary and secondary school learners who find difficulties in mathematics, Physical Science and reading and writing skills. This project’s main focus is to build a strong foundation of learning through working with children/youth in schools to prevent dropouts and poor academic performance. The project will offer the following services to better achieve its vision and objectives: Mathematics & Physical Sciences Tutoring, Basic skills of reading and writing and Career Expo. The organisation is working closely with schools and parents to identify these learners and to ensure they get the full support they need in order to achieve positive results.

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